E-Waste Recycling

University of Michigan and Ann Arbor Public schools co-sponsored a community wide eWaste Recycling event from 2008-2016.  The summary from the annual events can be found here.  Due to changes with the recycling partner we will not have any future e-waste recycling events.  Other options for the responsible recycling of electronics can be found below.eWaste Event

For tips on recycling your e-Waste at other times, see the EPA website

Protect the Environment

  • Electronic waste, or e-Waste, is the fastest growing waste stream in the country.
  • e-Waste often contains hazardous materials, which can adversely affect the environment.

Conserve Natural Resources

  • Consumer electronics contain materials that require the mining of raw materials. They are highly recyclable.
  • Electronics recycling technology separates commodity streams of metals, plastics and glass, and processes these materials for reuse in new products.