E-Waste Recycling

Every spring since 2008, University of Michigan and Ann Arbor Public schools have co-sponsored an eWaste Recycling event. E-Waste is a term commonly used to describe electronic equipment that has reached the end of its useful life. This event provides an opportunity for free, safe, and environmentally responsible disposal and recycling. The event is open to the general public.  The event continues to be popular with non-profits, businesses and the general public. Our current summary from the annual event can be found here.

eWaste Event


Protect the Environment

Conserve Natural Resources

  • Consumer electronics contain materials that require the mining of raw materials. They are highly recyclable.
  • Electronics recycling technology separates commodity streams of metals, plastics and glass, and processes these materials for reuse in new products.

Recycling Responsibly Is the Right Thing to Do

  • Following collection, equipment is properly disassembled, shredded and recycled into raw materials by a fully licensed and third party certified recycling facility in North America.
  • The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that as much as 80% of discarded consumer electronics in the U.S. ends up in developing countries where environmental and workers health and safety laws are non-existent. This practice also fuels a multibillion-dollar industry of identity theft in these countries.

For tips on recycling your e-Waste at other times, see the EPA website