Energy Conservation
Michigan Medicine

Michigan Medicine energy teams continually optimize building energy performance through innovative design, energy retrofit projects, efficient operation and maintenance, and efficient computing systems.  Since 2005, Michigan Medicine buildings have increased their efficiency by more than 22% (measured in BTU/ft2).  In fiscal year 2013, facilities improved their energy efficiency by 6% compared to the previous year, resulting in approximately $1.8 Million in avoided utility cost.

Graph - UMHHC Energy Use & Cost

In fiscal year 2013, Michigan Medicine buildings had nearly $26 Million in utilities expenses including:

  • Electricity - $16.3 Million
  • Steam - $5.8 Million
  • Natural Gas - $0.99 Million
  • Water &Sewer - $2.5 Million

Graph - UMHHC Utility Cost Distribution

How are we doing now?  Track current energy efficiency trends:

Most Efficient Michign Medicine Buildings: In fiscal year 2013, the following Michigan Medicine buildings were the most energy efficient (organized by building use type):

FY2013 Energy Conservation Projects

In fiscal year 2013, ten energy conservation projects were completed in existing facilities which are anticipated to save approximately $390,000 annually.  Key projects include:

  • Advanced air handling unit controls to more efficiently heat, cool and circulate building air
  • New controls to reduce heating and cooling demands in unoccupied areas during nights and weekends
  • Occupancy sensors for lighting and ventilation control
  • Humidification control optimization
  • Converted city water cooled equipment to recirculating water system
  • Airflow balancing

How can you help?

Watch the video below to learn how you can be a steward in energy conservation at Michigan Medicine.

More tips

  • Turn lights off when you leave a room
  • Control your thermostat - 68°F winter / 76°F summer
  • Dress in layers of clothing to increase comfort level instead of adjusting the thermostat
  • Don’t use space heaters
  • Use task lighting instead of room lights
  • Request a motion sensing power strip

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