Project Background

Teams of 3 to 5 students enrolled in Environ 211 answer their respective campus sustainability questions through an iterative process, which includes: 

1.  Feedback from the professor or graduate student instructor at four stages of the assignment process:

·      After students have learned about the project by reviewing past semester projects

·      After students have identified relevant social science research to help them answer their campus sustainability question

·      After students have developed an outline for the content of their website

·      After students present their website and recommendations to the class and campus sustainability experts

2.  In some cases, students receive feedback from relevant campus sustainability experts during the assignment process

3.  Targeted lectures and discussions:

·      within the context of environmental challenges and six social sciences covered as part of the course (i.e., anthropology, economics, education/communication, political science, psychology, sociology)

·      identifying appropriate peer-reviewed literature

·      how to identify and apply results from peer-reviewed literature to develop recommendations

·      how to write content for a website