Recommendations for Kill-A-Watt

The following recommendations for improving the Kill-A-Watt electricity saving competition have been made through social science research:
  • Avoid usage of fear appeals in marketing campaigns.
  • Provide procedural knowledge about how to limit electricity consumption.
  • Reevaluate awareness tools (i.e. posters, fliers, emails, ect) to better communicate with audience.
  • Appoint faculty and student leaders to promote program in residence halls.
2)  Modify feedback mechanism.  Provide real-time, personalized feedback to competitors instead of current method of intermittent, building wide feedback.
3) Continue to provide incentive.  Providing incentive is an appropriate way to encourage participation in the competition.
4) Continue to provide commitment opportunities.  Encouraging participants to commit to using less electricity is effective in achieving decreased electricity consumption.
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