Background Information

Background Information:

  • Goal: To create awareness among students about envrionmental issues, and create a united environmental movement on campus. 
  • What is it: It is a competition that takes place every fall semester in which students compete with their dorms to have an overall reduction of energy consumption of at least 10% of what it was that month during the previous year.
  • Ways to win:
    • The halls that reach a 10% reduction gets bragging rights.
    • The hall that reaches the highest energy reduction recieves a victor's party.
    • An individual who creates a video or paragraph about how they personally saved energy and submitting it to the Kill-A- Watt Facebook page wins a prize between $50-$100.
    • The hall with the most "enthusiasm points" by the end of the competition wins the Kill-A-Watt Enthusiasm Award along with other prizes. 
  • Participating halls:
    • Betsy Barbour
    • Mary Markley
    • Bursley
    • North Quad
    • Fletcher
    • Northwood III
    • Helen Newberry
    • South Quad
    • Martha Cook
    • West Quad

Current Status of the Program:

  • Past strategies:
    • Movie showings 
    • Events: Desserts in the dark, Light bulb terrariams, trading old lightbulbs for CFLs
    • Publicize via email, website, Facebook page, RAs, and fliers
    • Offer online pledge 
  • Future ideas:
    • Change competition to be among residence halls as opposed to only comparing each hall to their consumption in previous years


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