Workplace Initiatives

U-M faculty and staff members are encouraged to "walk the talk" of sustainability every day and, in addition to the Planet Blue Ambassadors program, a wide range of opportunities are offered to further employee commitments in this important area. Examples of such workplace initiatives are as follows:

  • Employee Orientation: New U-M faculty and staff are introduced to sustainability principles and practices immediately upon coming onboard to the university, thanks to "Planet Blue" faculty and staff orientation activities.
  • Sustainable Computing First initiated as as program called "Climate Servers," this group provides faculty and staff with helpful tools and best-practice information related to environmentally responsible information technology on campus.
  • Green Purchasing: As part of an effort to leverage buying power and supplier partnerships to support sustainability, U-M's Green Purchasing program makes it easy for those involved in procurement to find environmentally responsible options for product and service needs.
  • Sustainable Workplace Certification This program encourages U-M staff and faculty to join in working toward a more sustainable university through participation in an informal inventory of their office practices, identification of gaps, and taking action to implement best practices.
  • Sustainable Lab Recognition: U-M's Office of Campus Sustainability offers this value program for helping teaching and research labs to be as environmentally responsible as possibe, with standarized parameters available.