Get Involved

The University of Michigan doesn't just research and teach sustainability; we LIVE it every day. We do this by actively empowering and engaging campus community members to be knowledgeable agents of change and responsible behavior. Here's how.

  • Sustainability Culture Indicators Program (SCIP): So, how well are we "walking the talk" of sustainability? This program regularly surveys and analyzes the campus community's knowledge, dispositions, and behavior related to sustainability—helping the university to monitor progress, and make improvements, toward building an ethic of sustainability at U-M.
  • Planet Blue Ambassadors: Launched as part of a university-wide commitment to meet campus sustainability goals, this expansive program trains, educates, and encourages students, faculty, and staff to be "models" of sustainability and be engaged across campus.
  • Planet Blue Student Innovation Fund: Encourages students to pursue large-scale, high-impact sustainability projects on campus. Provides grants of up to $50,000 for on campus projects.
  • Student Sustainabilty Initiative: SSI fosters bridges among environmental and sustainability-related student groups at U-M, so they can boost their collective impact in this important area. SSI works closely with Central Student Government's Sustainability Commission.
  • Campus Groups: Check out sustainability groups on campus.