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The agriculture sector is increasingly impacted by climate change. Variable weather patterns, soil erosion, and industrial agricultural practices have caused considerable damage to the farming community, particularly in developing countries. However, mobile and other technological developments provide an opportunity to improve agricultural practices in developing countries and facilitate better adaptation to climate change.

California, a key agriculture state in the United States (US), is facing one of the worst droughts in history. The frequency of severe droughts may be increasing due to climate change. Better water efficiency may offset the impact of severe droughts now, and in the future. Improving water efficiency in agriculture, a sector that accounts for 70% water usage, is a priority. Although some farmers have adopted existing agricultural water conservation practices, the majority of farmers have not adopted practices described here. Understanding the barriers to adoption is important to increase adaptation of conservation practices by more farmers.

Access to electricity is critical for emerging countries to improve opportunities to work, learn, and thrive economically. In sub-Saharan Africa, the problem is acute, with nearly 620 million people that do not have access to electricity. Those that do have access in both the rural and urban areas of this region rely on diesel fuel generators. 

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Alexandra Chen, Elizabeth Grobbel, Kenneth Johnson, Jill Kiepura, Kyle Murphy, Benjamin Sevald

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Geoff Burmeister, Sommer Engels, Ben Hamm, Andrea Kraus

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Matthew Weibel, Valerie Tran, Stephen Scheele, Caitlin Jacob, Joseph Halso

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Ali Al-Heji, Rachel Chalat, Josh Cornfeld, Sarah Mostafa