Doctoral Fellowship

This component of the Dow Sustainability Fellows Program creates a lifelong community of scholars devoted to developing and implementing innovative ideas in pursuit of sustainability and becoming leaders in academia, business, government, and non-governmental organizations. Under the program, each cohort begins in September and concludes in April two years hence.

In addition to receiving funding, fellows participate in a series of cohort-building activities designed to expand individual understanding and effectiveness through regular engagement across a wide range of disciplinary perspectives.  Fellows are required to participate in the program's co-curricular activities and to collaborate with other fellows on projects that leverage their individual areas of expertise to develop interdisciplinary sustainability efforts. Doctoral fellows are also encouraged to mentor masters/professional degree fellows as appropriate.

The 2017 Request for Proposals was released in November 2016. Applicants must submit an "Intent to Apply" by December 22, 2016. Full applications are due January 19, 2017. Apply here.