Doctoral Fellowship

This component of the Dow Sustainability Fellows Program creates a lifelong community of scholars devoted to developing and implementing innovative ideas in pursuit of sustainability and becoming leaders in academia, business, government, and non-governmental organizations. Under the program, each cohort begins in September and concludes in April two years hence.

Expanding Understanding
In addition to receiving funding, fellows participate in a series of cohort-building activities designed to expand individual understanding and effectiveness through regular engagement across a wide range of disciplinary perspectives. Fellows are required to participate in the program's co-curricular activities and to collaborate with other fellows on projects that leverage their individual areas of expertise to develop interdisciplinary sustainability efforts.

Doctoral fellows are also encouraged to mentor master’s/professional degree fellows, as appropriate and participate in the Michigan Journal of Sustainability, a student-led publication (see: Michigan Journal of Sustainability). Doctoral students serve on the editorial board for the open-access journal, engage faculty/authors, and learn about managing the peer-review and publication processes. 


Note: We are no longer recruiting for the doctoral or postdoctoral fellowship levels under the Dow Sustainability Fellows Program.