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How to make sure Biden's infrastructure plan can hold up to climate change – and save money
Jeremy Bricker, Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Michigan

The Biden administration is proposing a massive infrastructure plan to replace the nation’s crumbling bridges, roads and other critical structures. But to make those investments pay off, the U.S. will need designs that can endure the changing climate. Read More.

Bendable concrete and other CO2-infused cement mixes could dramatically cut global emissions
Lucca Henrion, Research Fellow at the Global CO2 Initiative, University of MichiganDuo Zhang, Assistant Research Scientist, University of MichiganVictor C. Li, James R. Rice Distinguished University Professor of Engineering, University of MichiganVolker Sick, Arthur F. Thurnau Professor; DTE Energy Professor of Advanced Energy Research; and Director, Global CO2 Initiative, University of Michigan

One of the big contributors to climate change is right beneath your feet, and transforming it could be a powerful solution for keeping greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere. Read More.

To make the US auto fleet greener, increasing fuel efficiency matters more than selling electric vehicles
John DeCicco, Research Professor Emeritus, University of Michigan

President Biden has proposed ambitious goals for curbing climate change and investing in a cleaner U.S. economy. One critical sector is transportation, which generates 28% of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions – more than either electric power production or industry. Read More.

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