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The science behind the Flint water crisis: corrosion of pipes, erosion of trust
Terese Olson, Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering , University of Michigan

Flint’s recent water crisis is a stinging reminder that the infrastructure we often take for granted has many vulnerabilities. Read More.

To help resolve the Flint water crisis, a university leans on its community
Suzanne Selig, Professor of Public Health and Health Sciences, University of Michigan

The tragedy of the Flint water crisis has captured national and international attention, with people expressing shock and disbelief that residents of a U.S. city in the 21st century can be denied a basic human right: access to a safe water supply. Read More.

California's Aliso Canyon methane leak: climate disaster or opportunity?
Daniel Raimi, Lecturer on Public Policy (UM Ford School), Research Specialist (UM Energy Institute), Associate in Research (Duke Univ. Energy Initiative), University of Michigan

This October, a large leak was discovered at the Aliso Canyon natural gas storage facility in northwest Los Angeles. The leak is a serious health risk to nearby residents, and because methane – the primary component of natural gas – is a potent greenhouse gas, some have called this leak a “disaster” for climate change. Read More.

What should America do with its $2-per-gallon gas windfall?
Mark Barteau, Director, University of Michigan Energy Institute, University of Michigan

American consumers have been enjoying Christmas since July – that is, July 2014, when the average price for all grades of gasoline peaked at US$3.75 per gallon, according to the Energy Information Administration. Since then, prices have declined substantially, as every motorist knows: to $2.90 by Thanksgiving 2014 and to $2.14 as we approach the end of 2015. In many parts of the country, the price of regular gasoline is well below $2 per gallon today. Read More.

Seven market signals that business needs before it embraces the Paris Climate Agreement
Andrew J Hoffman, Holcim (US) Professor at the Ross School of Business and Education Director at the Graham Sustainability Institute, University of Michigan

Historic! Landmark! Monumental! These are the words being used to describe the Paris climate accord, recently negotiated under the auspices of the United Nations. As an agreement, the words are apt. Read More.

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