U-M Sustainability Commitment

"A great public university strives to make the world a better place." With that emphatic declaration, President Mary Sue Coleman announced an ambitious new commitment for U-M sustainability. Below, read her speech laying out U-M's goals and aspirations for sustainability, learn about the two year-long Integrated Assessment that mobilized the campus behind the effort, and discover some of the university's newest green initiatives.

"Today we begin an important new chapter—one that will alter the face of our campus and, more important, the character of our teaching, research and impact as a global leader," Coleman said in a major speech outlining U-M's... more
Hybrid buses, solar panels on North Campus, funding for students to find ways to conserve resources: In a broad green stroke across campus, the University of Michigan will invest $14 million in new commitments announced... more
The CSIA provides new structure and stretch goals to significantly advance sustainable operations at the university, framed by aggressive guiding principles. The report addresses environmental sustainability on campus in... more