Climate Action

Established in 2011, U-M’s 2025 Ann Arbor campus climate action goals focus on pursuing energy efficiency and fiscally-responsible energy sourcing strategies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. U-M continues to progress toward these goals as it pursues university-wide carbon neutrality.
2025 Goal
Reduce U-M greenhouse gas emissions by 25 percent below 2006 levels.
reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
2025 Goal
Decrease vehicle carbon output per passenger trip by 30 percent below 2006 levels.
reduction in vehicle carbon output per passenger trip
Other Highlights
Renewable energy purchase

Approximately half of the purchased electricity for the Ann Arbor campus comes from Michigan-sourced wind energy. This is a significant step toward U-M's commitment to reduce emissions resulting from purchased electricity (Scope 2 emissions) to zero by 2025.

Bicycle friendly university

In October 2019, U-M was recertified as a Bicycle Friendly University in recognition of the institution’s achievements in promoting and enabling safe, accessible bicycling on campus.

Emergency ride home

U-M offers an Emergency Ride Home program to support sustainable commuting. The program provides free 24/7 taxi rides up to 6 times per year for various emergencies, including personal or family illness or injury, unscheduled overtime or other mandatory work-related holdover, or stranded carpool or vanpool riders. 

This goal data reflects temporary pandemic-related impacts and may not accurately convey the overall trajectory of progress.

For more information about U-M’s sustainability goals, visit the Office of Campus Sustainability.