As part of the university-wide focus on sustainability, competitive funding is available to use our campus as a "living-learning lab for sustainability," with mechanisms to fund both large-scale and small-scale project ideas.  Competitive funding is also available to pursue applied sustainability projects beyond the U-M campus.   

  • Planet Blue Renewable Energy Demonstration Project (PBREDP):  PBREDP makes funding available for the design and implementation of demonstration-scale renewable energy projects on campus. The aim of the PBREDP is to increase awareness and familiarity with renewable energy technology by incorporating it into daily campus life. 

  • Planet Blue Student Innovation Fund (PBSIF): This competitive program encourages students to pursue innovative, high-impact campus sustainability projects, with $5,000 - $50,000 available for project implementation. Many successful campus sustainability initiatives have already come to fruition through PBSIF, and even more are in the pipeline.

  • Student Sustainability Coalition's Small-Scale Grant Program: This program competitively awards small grants to student groups seeking assistance for projects promoting environmental sustainability on campus.

  • Dow Distinguished Awards: Under the auspices of the Dow Sustainability Fellows Program, this student team competition focuses on applied sustainability projects beyond the campus that cut across disciplines and academic levels.